Why Convert VHS tapes to DVD?

man with vhstape

It's a known fact that VHS tapes deteriorate over time leaving your precious videos unusable and lost forever. Not only that but there is an ever-present fear that at any moment your old rickety VCR will decide to 'eat' your tapes, rendering them useless.

By converting your VHS tapes to DVD you will be ensuring their preservation for years to come. 50- to 100-years is the average lifespan of a DVD if cared for properly!

You can watch your DVD's endlessly and they will never deteriorate because the laser never touches the surface of the DVD.

You will also have the added convenience of saving plenty of storage space, since a DVD requires much less space than VHS tape!

Preserving your special memories is one of the best investments you can make. It makes a great keepsake, gift, or just an amazing family moment...being able to, time and again, re-live the memories that warmed your hearts.

Tender Soul Media takes pride in making you tender moments into long-lasting memories!


We convert VHS, Hi8, Video8 (8mm tapes), VHS-c tapes, MiniDV tapes, Camcorder, or Memory Card videos to DVD at a rate of $20 per hour of footage.

$5 for each additional copy of your converted DVD


We convert 32mm & 110mm Negatives or Mounted Slides to Digital Photos on CD or Flash Drive at a rate of $0.50 cents per frame
(Large Quantities may qualify to receive a discount based on specific quantity)

$2.00 Surcharge per CD or DVD
(Provide your own CD's/DVD's or Flash Drive to avoid media surcharge)

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